Ep. #53 – What If You Saw A UFO? – Ariel Phenomenon

ariel phenomenon

Ep. #53 – What If You Saw A UFO? – Ariel Phenomenon

On today’s episode, we’re talking to Randall Nickerson, director of the upcoming feature-length documentary, Ariel Phenomenon. The film tells the story of 60+ elementary school students who, in 1994 in Ruwa Zimbabwe, saw a UFO land near their school. Two beings climbed out of the craft, and students who made eye contact with the beings received messages about the future of our planet.

Randall contacted many of these students as adults, and they’ve agreed to be involved with the film. He also has footage of the original interviews with the students, conducted by John E. Mack, MUFON investigator Cynthia Hind, and the BBC.

Photo by Adam Baker

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